From a ‘stranger’ to a friend 

   Tonight or this early morning (because it’s 4 a.m), I’m writing to you, special ‘stranger’… neh… maybe it was, or maybe not even then, a few days ago, when I’ve met you for the first time, when you smiled to me for the first time, when I’ve firstly heard your name or maybe the first time when we’ve waved or shacked hands and said ‘nice to meet you’. Now, I’m writing to you, in english and I wish I’d knew more languages, at least Spanish, Italian, French which are our ‘sister’ latin languages, or your language, dear Finnish , Slovene, Azerbaijan, Croat, Irish. I wish I’d knew how to speak with you and greet you in your language just to make you feel special, like coming home here, in Cluj, my studying city, the best in my whole country, in Romania. 

What is amazing? We are now in the most amazing area… in the center of the country, in the middle of the Carpatic Mountains, in Transylvania, the heart of the kindness. They say we are moving slow, but I don’t know what to say about this, because I am a very ‘moving’ 😂 person. They say it maybe because even our way of talking is a bit slower, but not even here is to be agreed by me, because I love to talk and moreover I can talk a lot and so quick. By the way, I really hope you are ok and just fine with this and I really hope also that I am nicely charging your batteries, spiritually speaking, not getting you tired, because my honest huge smile comes exactly from my soul, because you are allowing this and because you are maybe the one who is growing it. 

I love the chemistry that takes place there, around us, with the ones that I got in touch with, with the ones that are so open and so happy to be part of this event, to be ready to be helped, to be ready to ask for anything they want, to be so kind and write to me very sweet messages and maybe just saying ‘hi!’. BIG THANK for this. I really feel the blessing that is above me, the fact that I grabbed the opportunity to be a volunteer in such an event: 7th Individual European Man and Women Artistic Gymnastics Championship, 19th-23rd April 2017, Cluj, Romania… history started to be written! Yes, history which we are writing together, you as delegations, with amazing top gymnasts, incredible coaches, therapists or your team doctors, nice people which are close to you, sustaining and cheering you up. And yes, all of you, because just together you can make it this way, and together with us, volunteers and all the organizing staff. 

    Volunteering? Why? I am telling you: because craziness maybe, because helping maybe, because kindness maybe, but for sure because LOVE. Love for life, love for gymnastics, love for sports, love for people… hope for a better life, better world, for more help from everyone, not thinking about rewards… faith that everyone is special for his or her unique gift from God, faith for the fact that we can open up and let ourselves be seen as human beings with a soul, not only a body… human beings with brain, who are really rationalizing… A very interesting fact here, it is about what I am calling the triple olympic element, a point that my beloved volleyball teacher raised a month ago, at my first book releasing, here, in Cluj. 

    He is a crazy teacher which I haven’t liked from the second time, because at first I did. He is the kind of Profesor that is getting involved, the one who cares and really wants us to change something in the world of sports and physical education, in the world of teaching in which we stepped when we reached the Sports and Physical Education Faculty, the best ever (for me) 😂🙊❤️. Honestly? He is crazy, insane maybe, but in a very interesting way… He made us feel miserable and I was just one step away not attending his class again, but I did it because… anyway 😂… I did it and then, he asked something interesting, I was in a good mood, he was showing nice reaction and he presented his appreciation for that something special that I have, with which I was gifted and he told me I should do something more philosophical in my degree.  

   Volleyball was the subject for which I have learned the most, the best, but got the lowest mark. It doesn’t matter. I got the scholarship anyway and I’ve learned a priceless lesson. 

Coming back to my story, the triple olympic element, in his speech contained: body, mind and SOUL. Body, of course… the ‘thing’ that everybody sees, the ‘thing’ that hosts the other two, the wonder that functions by magic provided by the other two. Second: mind! I’ve always knew and heard, even since I was doing performance in sportive dance, in which I an instructor now, since they didn’t allow us to train if we didn’t have good markes. I really trust the fact that you do understand why… because you can’t reach a better performance, even you are very talented, if you don’t combine it with rationality, with studying and interest, so your passion goes deeply or higher, to the sky, to the absolute. 

Done this, also, remember, Ed? … ‘what are you doing there? Working… Working or studying? Studying, but working on my homework, because our system allows us to do one year in two, so we get to focus on gymnastics but attend the classes in a special way also.’ Very nice point from him and me also, because he expressed it and I’ve told him about this TOE (triple olympic element). 

   The third one and the one that gives magic is the sould! I do believe that you, my friend, because you are not a ‘stranger’ anymore, you… have an amazing soul and I will tell you why! It is because you are here! You are at this big event for you, for the whole Europe, not only for my country, or even more, for Cluj, the Romanian city which is hosting it. You are here representing your country, hoping and giving your best for making it in the first 10th positions, in finals, between medals or why not, winning the 1st place! You are here because you are crazy enough to train every time, with your whole being, with special attention and for so many times, because you were chosen for this! I know you believe it, too! I know you will give your best, enjoy it and love your performance, love yourself!  

   You gave me important lessons, you made me live awesome moment, unforgettable memories… YOU, are smiling now, because you deserve it, because they are thinking about you and love you anyway, they (between them you’ll find me, too) are sustaining you now and in the future, and because you are loved! Forward and up, my friend!


the curly volunteer girl with curly dreams ❤️❤️❤️

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