Feelings of a volunteer at European Gymnastics Championship Cluj 2017

How can your day become even better, knowing that it was amazing before, too? Just take a look to this message from an incredible gymnast from Slovenia  ( I’m doing my best to remember the flags also): Tjasa Kisselef ❤️ I will remember your name from now on… (Teja Belak with her)

‘ Hello carmen, thanks for everything u do for us by helping us with things and your positive attitude 😊’. So… what do you think? A few words, in a very simple and easy way… no more words. You should have seen her yesterday there, on the field ❤️ amazing… and me, there, with my fingers crossed and saying ‘Come on, girls, you can do it! Come one…. shanking and… yes! You did it, girl! You’ve rocked it! Brava! Congrats!’ This I was saying whispering to myself and ‘ They are my girls, there… they are from my hotel… I love them! They are the teams from Slovakia, Spain, France, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Azerbaijan… and I will be here for them from now on because I got so close to them, I know them now… I love them! And I am not insane, but I have so much love to share! Girls, you don’t have just my respect, as beautiful, hardworking and determination examples as you are, but my hand also, anytime you need it. I will do my best to help you, more than that, because I’ve already received an email from the volunteering staff from the World Gymnastics Championship from this year from Montreal! If God wants, I’ll be there, with you and this is just the beginning. I really hope and trust the fact that we are getting the chance to experience more together, to share stories and I promise I’ll write your amazing life, because it is a gift, as I’ve already said it and written it, in my previous post… dreaming curly 🙊 about visiting together our cities, walking in nature and relaxing, reading stuff, cooking, dancing, or whatever we want to, but with our souls there… 

Who’s next? Let me see… I think I know: the one and only friend of mine, a very sweet and beautiful girl, also, my Croatian 🇭🇷 gymnast friend, Ana Derek. I met her with her coach, traveling by our special bus, just for us, smiling and studying also, and not any kind of stuff, but philosophy… and she is still in high school. Respectful and a very respectable young lady. Respect from me, too! She agreed to face my challenge and take a crazy photo which will show COURAGE, our volunteering subject of that day. What do you say? 


I am saying grace, courage to be a gymnast… me?… courage to ask her this, enCouraging her! 

Next please( let’s stay with the girls because they performed yesterday and they amazed me and made me feel like flying and being fixed deeply in the ground in the same time): Spanish cute girls… you did it sooo…. passionately, well, elegant, superb! 

‘Maravillosa’ as your coach taught me when I was asking him to tell me a Spanish synonym that fits to amazing, something upper than well, than good, than normal. This should have been my response to his responding question to ‘como estas?’ Better than ‘bien’! More contact with him and the astonishing lady, coach there, on the field, close to the girls, with her entire existence, doing an awesome ‘job’. 

Just a few words for now, because I don’t want to ruin the magic of my excitement… Thank you for smiling to me, thank you for being you! You know I’m here for you amd don’t forget to write in my book while staying here! Good luck and let the best win! You already win an amazing experience! Enjoy it! 

I’ll Be back soon…

Respect and admiration,

Carmen Frandes,

Curly girl with curly dreams 🙂 


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