Inner impulse !

    snapseed4                 There’s something magical in the way people are acting .They are not actors, maybe ! They are just going trough life guided by their feelings … This is what I believe…

         Is it raining ? Why not trying to enjoy it?

         Have you ever danced in the rain? I’ve done it and it felt amazing, believe me ! Make the nature your dance floor! Smile and don’t think about the ones who are watching … snapseed7

          And yes , even if you feel like snoozing the alarm in the morning , don’t do it ! Get up with curiosity and spread good energy ! This day will never come again! I believe we are born with a free wild spirit and wings so we can fly …  You won’t succeed from the first time , but after you will try a few times , you will grow, and your wings , too. With patience you will learn how to speak and make them listen and you will listen to the others. Always Try to extract something and become a better person . Your dreams will burn a flame inside ! You will feel determination and you will achieve amazing habits!img_4274      Appreciate the ones that are going for what they love. There is attraction and never a must ! Freedom of mind and pleasure… satisfaction !And sometimes , even if we have the tendency of getting stuck, we have to let go and accept the things as they are . Sometimes, we have to fight with the wind for what we really want in life ! Nobody will follow as all over and tell us what to do , when, how, for how long or anything else! It’s only us and us for the entire journey! Building ourselves so we will have a good partner , otherwise we’ll loose ourselves in a multitude of pieces…  We’ll break through the inside to outside and we won’t be able to getter ourselves!If we won’t do it for us, nobody will do it! Some of them will be ready to help, but never able to replace us!Snapseed(6).jpg

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