img_0044When I’m feeling too much I’m getting lost…and then you’ll find me in nature in silence or listening to music and dancing by myself.That’s my kind of getting drunk. I won’t wear make-up because my tears will spread my mascara. All of these will happen after I will realize that  my soul feels everything and maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

You just want to give good and then the moment comes and you want to be selfish and care about you , invest in yourself and develope, so you learn to enjoy the journey because everything is a process and everything we live is unique. We will never  have that moment back. I believe that  the best way of tasting life is creating your own destiny. We are given the life under a raw-material form and we are the ones who choose the finish product…img_0106

The tools are in our hands and we can’t blame nobody for anything. What if we are able to dream the best one and creat it ?Aren’t we blessed?  Yes , we are! So take care of me , make me laugh, love me or put me down… I will be happy anyway and I will smile back honestly because that’s what I’ve learned! I’m my favourite kind of happiness because I’m choosing it!

And what if I will be the sclave of my heart for my entire life? That means I have one and it is the most beautiful thing in the world… to feel ! Don’t forget to be nice, meanwhile!

Maybe one day you will look for me in the garden of imagination…

Maybe I will inspire you, or maybe we will inspire each other…

Maybe we will live the dream… or not , definitely!

img_0149Please find a way and smile ! 🙂


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